Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2018-02-23Powered by Spherica ADV s.r.l.SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Alibaba Clone Script 1.0.2 Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-23Groupon Clone Script 3.0.2 Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-23Learning and Examination Management System Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-23NoMachine x86 < 6.0.80 nxfuse Privilege EscalationPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component OS Property Real Estate 3.12.7 SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component Proclaim 9.1.1 Backup File DownloadPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component PrayerCenter 3.0.2 sessionid SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component Proclaim 9.1.1 Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component CheckList 1.1.1 SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component Alexandria Book Library 3.1.2 letter SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Joomla Component Ek Rishta 2.9 SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-23Haraj V1.1 free Add ADmin VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-23Groupoffice.com 3.4.21 Directory Traversal VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-23Global Domains International Directory traversal Vulnerability 0-DayPublished
2018-02-23Gold MOVIES v1.2 SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-23Gravigra v1.0 product.php Sql injection VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-22Etchat Register Plugin Sql Injection / XSS vulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-22Roxy filemnager ckeditor upload shellPublished
2018-02-22Disk Pulse Enterprise 10.4.18 Import Command Buffer Overflow SEHPublished
2018-02-22Disk Savvy Enterprise 10.4.18 Buffer Overflow SEHPublished
2018-02-22EChat Server 3.1 CHAT.ghp Buffer OverflowPublished
2018-02-22Joomla Component CW Tags 2.0.6 SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-22Gaestebuch 1.2 guestbook Database Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-22GEN4 v4.0 PTCPay Multi VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-22Gestion du catalogue en ligne PEEL v2.7 FrSQl VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-21Mihalism Multi Host - 'download.php' SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-21Utorrent JSON-RPC Remote Code Execution / Information DisclosurePublished
2018-02-21Softman Software System Admin Login BypassPublished
2018-02-21Yab Quarx 2.4.3 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-20Microsoft Windows Kernel nt!RtlpCopyLegacyContextX86 Stack Memory DisclosurePublished
2018-02-20MagniComp SysInfo mcsiwrapper Privilege EscalationPublished
2018-02-19Aastra 6755i SIP SP4 Denial of ServicePublished
2018-02-19Pluck CMS Blog module Stored XSSPublished
2018-02-19October CMS < 1.0.431 Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-19Bugzilla 4.4.12 / 5.0.3 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished

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