Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2018-03-09PHP CRUD V1.4 Backdoor Account VulnerabilityPublished
2018-03-03Islam cms 1.0 PHP code injection VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-28Freshregister.php remote file deletingPublished
2018-02-23Gravigra v1.0 product.php Sql injection VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-21Mihalism Multi Host - 'download.php' SQL InjectionPublished
2018-02-16Event Manager PHP Script Version 1.0 Arbitrary file download VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-14Social Oauth Login PHP Authentication BypassPublished
2018-02-08PHP Scripts Mall Doctor Search Script 1.0.2 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2018-02-06Shop php v1ir MUlti VulnerabilityPublished
2018-02-04Simple PHP Text newsletter 1.5 Xss VulnerabilityPublished
2018-01-30WordPress Splashing Images 2.1 Cross Site Scripting / PHP Object InjectionPublished
2018-01-27Alhotphp - article 1.0 add/admin VulnerabilityPublished
2018-01-24CMS Made Simple 2.2.5 moduleinterface.php m1_errors Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2018-01-24Kaltura Remote PHP Code ExecutionPublished
2018-01-22PhpFreeChat 1.7 and earlier - Denial of ServicePublished
2018-01-20PhpRPC < 0.7 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2018-01-16PfSense 2.1.3 status_rrd_graph_img.php Command InjectionPublished
2018-01-06PHP Topsites < 2.2 Multiple VulnerabilitiesPublished
2018-01-04B2evolution CMS 6.8.10 PHP Code ExecutionPublished
2017-12-31Chatting System PHP Ajax MySQL JavaScript 1.0 Shell UploadPublished
2017-12-31Chatting System PHP Ajax MySQL JavaScript 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2017-12-27ApPHP MicroCMS v1.0.1 Host header attack VulnerabilityPublished
2017-12-26PHP Director 0.22 Sql injection VulnerabilityPublished
2017-12-25PHP Fusion 7.02.07 jQuery cross site scripting ExploitsPublished
2017-12-25Mylittleforum-2.3.7 beta mix_entry.php XSS vulnerabilityPublished
2017-12-24News PHP 1.031 Sql injection vulnerabilityPublished
2017-12-24PHPDug version 2.0.0 SQl injection vulnerabilityPublished
2017-12-09DomainSale PHP Script 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2017-11-03AROX School ERP PHP Script SQL InjectionPublished
2017-11-02Nice PHP FAQ Script SQL InjectionPublished
2017-10-31AROX School ERP PHP Script id SQL InjectionPublished

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