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Edit Date Name Status
2018-02-28Microsoft Windows Windows 8.1/2012 R2 SMB Denial of ServicePublished
2018-02-20Microsoft Windows Kernel nt!RtlpCopyLegacyContextX86 Stack Memory DisclosurePublished
2018-02-06Windows MS17-010 EternalRomance/EternalSynergy/EternalChampion SMB Remote Windows Code ExecutionPublished
2018-01-09Microsoft Windows Local XPS Print Spooler Sandbox EscapePublished
2018-01-03Windows 7 x86 dwmapi.dll arbitrary code execution leading to privillege escallationPublished
2017-12-21Microsoft Windows Kernel NtQueryVirtualMemory MemoryMappedFilenameInformation Double-Write Ring-0Published
2017-12-20Microsoft Windows Hello Face Authentication BypassPublished
2017-12-19Microsoft Windows Array.sort jscript.dll Heap OverflowPublished
2017-12-19Microsoft Windows jscript!RegExpFncObj::LastParen Out-Of-Bounds ReadPublished
2017-12-19Windows jscript!NameTbl::GetValDef Use-After-FreePublished
2017-12-19WIndows jscript!JsArraySlice Uninitialized VariablePublished
2017-11-30Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 WARBIRD NtQuerySystemInformation Kernel Local Privilege EsPublished
2017-11-25Microsoft Windows 10 nt!NtQueryDirectoryFile luafv!LuafvCopyDirectoryEntry Pool Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-11-22Microsoft Windows NTFS File System Metadata DisclosuresPublished
2017-11-22Microsoft Windows 10 CiSetFileCache TOCTOU Security Feature BypassPublished
2017-11-15PSFTPd Windows FTP Server 10.0.4 Build 729 Log Injection / Use-After-FreePublished
2017-11-10Datto Windows Agent Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2017-11-09Microsoft Windows LNK File Code ExecutionPublished
2017-10-30Windows Attachment Manager Incorrect High Risk JAR HandlingPublished
2017-10-30Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update 32-bit Ring-0 Code ExecutionPublished
2017-10-26Windows NTLM Auth Hash Disclosure / Denial Of ServicePublished
2017-10-19MS Windows Game Definition File Editor v6.3.9600 / XML External EntityPublished
2017-10-18Windows Kernel Pool Ntfs!LfsRestartLogFile Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-10-18Windows Kernel Pool nt!RtlpCopyLegacyContextX86 Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-10-13Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass In Memory Injection Abusing WinSXSPublished
2017-10-11PostgreSQL 10 Installer For Windows DLL HijackingPublished
2017-10-07Microsoft Windows 10 x64 RS2 win32kfull!bFill Pool OverflowPublished
2017-09-19Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys TTF Font Buffer OverflowPublished
2017-09-19Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k!NtQueryCompositionSurfaceBinding Stack Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-09-19Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k!NtGdiDoBanding Stack Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-09-19Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k!NtGdiGetFontResourceInfoInternalW Stack Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-09-18Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k!NtGdiGetGlyphOutline Pool Memory DisclosurePublished
2017-08-22Windows Escalate UAC Protection Bypass Via COM Handler HijackPublished
2017-08-09Microsoft Windows 8.1 x64 RGNOBJ Integer Overflow MS16-098Published
2017-08-08Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x86 GDI Palette Objects Local Privilege Escalation MS17-017Published
2017-08-04VirtualBox 5.1.22 Windows Process DLL Signature Bypass Privilege EscalationPublished
2017-08-04VirtualBox 5.1.22 Windows Process DLL UNC Path Signature Bypass Privilege EscalationPublished
2017-08-03Windows 10 SMBLoris attack proof of the conceptPublished
2017-07-27Microsoft Windows - LNK Shortcut File Code ExecutionPublished

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