API Usage and Examples

The Exploitalert Aggregation Network Search API is provided for you to be used in your own software.

The API carries no warranty, no guarantee of its uptime and we reserve the right to change any aspect of the API at our own discretion at any time.


Use it in your software to monitor if there is an exploit availble for your platform or software/component/module based on the search keyword.

If you are interested in WordPress Platform:


curl https://www.exploitalert.com/api/search-exploit?name=wordpress

Response (tailored)

[{"id":"19952","date":"2014-10-10","name":"WordPress Google Calendar Events 2.0.1 Cross Site Scripting"},{"id":"19951","date":"2014-10-10","name":"WordPress Contact Form DB 2.8.13 Cross Site Scripting"},{"id":"19947","date":"2014-10-10","name":"WordPress EWWW Image Optimizer 2.0.1 Cross Site Scripting"},{"id":"19937","date":"2014-10-09","name":"Wordpress InfusionSoft Upload"},{"id":"19907","date":"2014-10-06","name":"WordPress BulletProof Security 50.8 Script Insertion"},{"id":"19898","date":"2014-10-02","name":"WordPress Photo Gallery 1.1.30 Cross Site Scripting"},{"id":"19894","date":"2014-10-02","name":"WordPress Content Audit 1.6 Blind SQL Injection"},{"id":"19882","date":"2014-10-01","name":"WordPress All In One Security And Firewall 3.8.3 XSS"},{"id":"19816","date":"2014-09-18","name":"WordPress WP-Ban 1.62 Bypass"}]

If you are interested in Joomla! Platform:


curl https://www.exploitalert.com/api/search-exploit?name=joomla

Response (tailored)

[{"id":"19843","date":"2014-09-23","name":"Joomla Mac Gallery <= 1.5 Arbitrary File Download"},{"id":"19783","date":"2014-09-13","name":"Joomla Spider Form Maker 4.3 SQL Injection"},{"id":"19759","date":"2014-09-08","name":"Joomla Spider Calendar <= 3.2.6 SQL Injection Exploit"},{"id":"19691","date":"2014-08-27","name":"Joomla Spider 2.8.3 SQL Injection"},{"id":"19568","date":"2014-07-31","name":"Joomla Kunena Forum 3.0.5 Cross Site Scripting"},{"id":"19569","date":"2014-07-31","name":"Joomla Kunena Forum 3.0.5 SQL Injection"},{"id":"19479","date":"2014-07-17","name":"Joomla Youtube Gallery 4.1.7 SQL Injection"}]

Additionally, Exploitalert Aggregation Network also publishes its exploits via RSS Feeds.

In case of any problems/requests or suggestions feel free to contact us directly.

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