Listing of latest Exploits

This is live excerpt from our database.

Date Name Status Solution
2023-05-13Millhouse-Project 1.414 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-13TinyWebGallery v2.5 Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2023-05-11Pentaho Business Server Authentication Bypass / SSTI / Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-05-11GaanaGawaana 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-10Optoma 1080PSTX Firmware C02 Authentication BypassPublishedFix it
2023-05-10Soft-o Free Password Manager 1.1.20 DLL HijackingPublishedFix it
2023-05-10Zyxel Chained Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-05-10VOTAB Voting Quiz PHP Script 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-05-10VOTAB Voting Quiz PHP Script 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-09HammerSpace GDE / GFS 4.6.6-324 Authentication BypassPublishedFix it
2023-05-09OX App Suite XSS / Information Disclosure / Authorization BypassPublishedFix it
2023-05-09ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-05-08PhpMyFAQ v3.1.12 CSV InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-05-08GV-Edge Recording Manager Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-05-08Pluck v4.7.18 Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2023-05-08Codigo Markdown Editor 1.0.1 Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-05-08File Thingie 2.5.7 Shell UploadPublishedFix it
2023-05-08BlogMagz CMS 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-08Found Information System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-05-06Oracle RMAN Missing AuditingPublishedFix it
2023-05-06UliCMS 2023-1 Sniffing-Vicuna Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-06Wolf CMS Shell UploadPublishedFix it
2023-05-06Pluck CMS 4.7.18 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-06Rollout::UI Cross site scripting exploitPublishedFix it
2023-05-03Adobe ColdFusion Unauthenticated Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-05-03AC Repair And Services 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-05-03EbankIT 6 Denial Of ServicePublishedFix it
2023-05-03CompanyMaps 8.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-03Aigital Wireless-N Repeater Mini_Router.0.131229 Authentication BypassPublishedFix it
2023-05-03Emporium Multi-Vendor 2.1 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-05-03Revive-adserver v5.4.1 Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2023-05-03Sielco PolyEco Digital FM Transmitter 2.0.6 Authentication Bypass ExploitPublishedFix it
2023-04-30EbankIT 6 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-04-30Aigital Wireless-N Repeater Mini_Router.0.131229 Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it

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