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Date Name Status Solution
2023-04-10Microsoft Edge Chromium-based Webview2 1.0.1661.34 SpoofingPublishedFix it
2023-04-10Osprey Pump Controller 1.0.1 eventFileSelected Command InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-04-10ESET Service Unquoted Service PathPublishedFix it
2023-04-10Goanywhere Encryption Helper 7.1.1 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-04-10WebsiteBaker 2.13.3 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-04-10Roxy Fileman 1.4.5 Shell UploadPublishedFix it
2023-04-10Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR 6.5.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-04-10Paradox Security Systems IPR512 Denial Of ServicePublishedFix it
2023-04-07Simple Food Ordering System v1.0 Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2023-04-07Pdfkit v0.8.7.2 Command InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-04-07Kimai-1.30.10 SameSite Cookie-Vulnerability session hijackingPublishedFix it
2023-04-06FileZilla Client 3.63.1 TextShaping.dl DLL HijackingPublishedFix it
2023-04-06Mitel MiCollab AWV / 9.1.3 Directory Traversal / LFIPublishedFix it
2023-04-06Purchase Order Management-1.0 Local File InclusionPublishedFix it
2023-04-06WIMAX SWC-5100W Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-04-06LDAP Tool Box Self Service Password 1.5.2 Account TakeoverPublishedFix it
2023-04-06Intern Record System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-04-05XWorm Trojan 2.1 Null Pointer Derefernce DoSPublishedFix it
2023-04-05ProjectSend r1605 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-04-05Pentaho BA Server EE Server-Side Template Injection / Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-04-05Citrix / Local Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-04-05FedEx Ship Manager FSM 3704 Insecure .NET RemotingPublishedFix it
2023-04-05D-Link DIR-846 Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-04-05Monitorr 1.7.6 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-04-05Windows 11 10.0.22000 Backup service Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-04-03Sudo 1.9.12p1 Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-04-03TP-Link TL-WR902AC firmware 210730 V3 Remote Code Execution RCE AuthenticatedPublishedFix it
2023-04-03SOUND4 IMPACT/FIRST/PULSE/Eco v2.x Remote Command Execution RCEPublishedFix it
2023-04-03ChatGPT Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-04-03Grand Theft Auto III Vice City Skin File 1.1 Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2023-04-02DSL-124 Wireless N300 ADSL2+ - Backup File DisclosurePublishedFix it
2023-04-02SOUND4 IMPACT/FIRST/PULSE/Eco v2.x Unauthenticated Factory ResetPublishedFix it
2023-04-02Dreamer CMS 4.0.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-04-02XCMS v1.83 Remote Command Execution RCEPublishedFix it
2023-04-02Bludit 3-14-1 Shell UploadPublishedFix it
2023-04-02EQ Enterprise Management System 2.2.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it

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