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Date Name Status Solution
2022-08-03Webmin 1.996 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-08-03MobileIron Log4Shell Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-08-03Multi-Language Hotel Management 2022 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-08-03IObit Malware Fighter 9.2 Tampering / Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Wavlink WN533A8 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Wavlink WN530HG4 Password DisclosurePublishedFix it
2022-08-02WordPress SeatReg 1.23.0 Open RedirectPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Wavlink WN533A8 Password DisclosurePublishedFix it
2022-08-02Powered by Compusys e Solutions - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Newgen Technologies - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it 0.6.0 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Dingtian-DT-R002 3.1.276A Authentication BypassPublishedFix it
2022-08-02Omnia MPX 1.5.0+r1 Path TraversalPublishedFix it
2022-08-02MPDF 7.0 Local File InclusionPublishedFix it
2022-08-02CodeIgniter CMS 4.2.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-08-02WordPress Duplicator 1.4.7 Information DisclosurePublishedFix it
2022-08-02Easy Chat Server 3.1 Buffer OverflowPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Transposh WordPress Translation Cross Site Request ForgeryPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Transposh WordPress Translation 1.0.7 Incorrect AuthorizationPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Transposh WordPress Translation 1.0.7 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-08-01WordPress Plugin WP-UserOnline 2.87.6 Stored Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Kaivalya Techno Soft Pvt - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Backdoor.Win32.Destrukor.20 / Authentication BypassPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Try Catch Technologies - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-08-01Backdoor.Win32.Destrukor.20 / Unauthenticated Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-07-28Loan Management System 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-07-28WordPress Plugin Visual Slide Box Builder 3.2.9 SQLiPublishedFix it
2022-07-28Web Design By East Technologies - SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-07-28COURIER DEPRIXA V2.5 CSRF VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2022-07-26IOTransfer 4.0 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-07-26Roxy-WI Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2022-07-26Garage Management System 1.0 Shell UploadPublishedFix it
2022-07-26Hospital Information System 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-07-26PCProtect Endpoint 5.17.470 Tampering / Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2022-07-26Expert X Jobs Portal And Resume Builder 1.0 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-07-25Marty Marketplace Multi Vendor Ecommerce Script 1.2 SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2022-07-24Moqui Framework 2.1.3 - Reflected Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2022-07-23Easy Phone Dbltek GoIP Local File nclusion VulnerabilityPublishedFix it

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