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Date Name Status Solution
2023-08-16Blood Donor Management System 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-08-16AudioCodes VoIP Phones Hardcoded KeyPublishedFix it
2023-08-16Hyip Rio 2.1 - Arbitrary File UploadPublishedFix it
2023-08-16Hyip Rio 2.1 Cross Site Scripting / File UploadPublishedFix it
2023-08-16H2 Web Interface Create Alias Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-08-15 - Blind Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2023-08-15Advantech EKI-1524-CE / EKI-1522 / EKI-1521 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-08-15Phoenix Contact TC Cloud / TC Router 2.x XSS / Memory ConsumptionPublishedFix it
2023-08-15Microsoft Azure Subdomain Scanner / EnumeratorPublishedFix it
2023-08-15Qualys RSA Usage IssuePublishedFix it
2023-08-13Emagic Data Center Management Suite 6.0 Remote Command ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-08-13Webedition CMS v2.9.8.8 Stored XSSPublishedFix it
2023-08-13WordPress Core 5.6.2 - Xpath InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-08-13EuroTel ETL3100 Transmitter Authorization Bypass / Insecure Direct Object ReferencePublishedFix it
2023-08-12Hilano website design - Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublishedFix it
2023-08-12Asset Software Solutions - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2023-08-12SNDK Technologies - Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2023-08-11Dolibarr 17.0.1>x Stored XSSPublishedFix it
2023-08-11TP-Link Archer AX21 Command InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-08-11Systemd 246 Local Root Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-08-11OutSystems Service Studio 11.53.30 DLL HijackingPublishedFix it
2023-08-11Joomla VirtueMart Shopping Cart 4.0.12 Reflected XSSPublishedFix it
2023-08-11WordPress WP Project Manager 2.6.4 Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-08-11Maltrail 0.53 Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-08-11Request-Baskets 1.2.1 Server-Side Request ForgeryPublishedFix it
2023-08-10ReyeeOS 1.204.1614 MITM Remote Code Execution RCEPublishedFix it
2023-08-10Pyro CMS 3.9 Server-Side Template InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-08-10JLex GuestBook 1.6.4 Reflected XSSPublishedFix it
2023-08-09EuroTel ETL3100 Transmitter Default CredentialsPublishedFix it
2023-08-09PHPJabbers Vacation Rental Script 4.0 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublishedFix it
2023-08-09Lucee Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-08-09Metabase Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2023-08-09EuroTel ETL3100 Transmitter Information DisclosurePublishedFix it
2023-08-08WordPress Ninja Forms 3.6.25 Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2023-08-08Adlisting Classified Ads 2.14.0 Information DisclosurePublishedFix it
2023-08-08GNOME Files 43.4 Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2023-08-08Emagic Data Center Management Suite v6.0 OS Command InjectionPublishedFix it
2023-08-06Xlight FTP Server Stack Buffer Overflow DOSPublishedFix it
2023-08-06Canon PIXMA TR4550 1.020 / 1.080 Unencrypted Secret StoragePublishedFix it
2023-08-06Citrix ADC NetScaler Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it

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