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Date Name Status
2024-01-22EzServer 6.4.017 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-22Golden FTP Server 2.02b - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-22Design By Magic Mayo - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-22Desire Web World - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-22MiniWeb HTTP Server 0.8.1 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-22TrojanSpy Win32 Nivdort / Insecure Permissions - EoP SYSTEMPublished
2024-01-17Korenix JetNet Series Unauthenticated AccessPublished
2024-01-17Easy File Sharing FTP Server 3.6 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-17Website By ibrandcare - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-17Linux 6.4 io_uring Use-After-FreePublished
2024-01-17LightFTP 1.1 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-17WordPress RSVPMaker 9.3.2 SQL InjectionPublished
2024-01-14Xitami 2.5 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-14Easy File Sharing FTP Server 2.0 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-14Gom Player DLL HijackingPublished
2024-01-14Microsoft SQL Server db_ddladmin Privilege EscalationPublished
2024-01-14Android Privilege EscalationPublished
2024-01-13WordPress POST SMTP Mailer 2.8.7 Authorization Bypass / Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2024-01-13HostCarts Digital - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-13IT InfoTech Solution - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-13Copyright Loan Management System 2024 1.0 SQL InjectionPublished
2024-01-13Quick TFTP Server Pro 2.1 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-13ProSSHD 1.2 20090726 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-13FreeSSHd 1.0.9 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-11LiveSite 2019.1 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2024-01-11SimpleWebServer 2.2-rc2 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-11PHPJabbers Cleaning Business Software 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2024-01-11PHPJabbers Event Ticketing System 1.0 Cross Site Scripting / HTML InjectionPublished
2024-01-11PHPJabbers Cleaning Business Software 1.0 CSV InjectionPublished
2024-01-11PHPJabbers Shared Asset Booking System 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2024-01-11PHPJabbers Cleaning Business Software 1.0 Missing Rate LimitingPublished
2024-01-10Femitter FTP Server 1.03 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-10IGalerie 3.0.22 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2024-01-10Httpdx 1.5.4 Denial Of ServicePublished
2024-01-10Io_uring __io_uaddr_map Dangerous Multi-Page HandlingPublished
2024-01-10Intrasrv Simple Web Server 1.0 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-10AdvantechWeb/SCADA 9.1.5U SQL InjectionPublished
2024-01-10Backdoor.Win32 Carbanak Anunak / Named Pipe Null DACLPublished

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