Listing of latest Exploits

This is live excerpt from our database.

Date Name Status Solution
2006-05-02PhpWebFtp Cross Site Scripting VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Multiple browsers Windows mailto protocol Office 2003 file attachment exploitPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Scry Gallery Directory Traversal & Full Path Disclosure VulnerabilitesPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Scry Gallery XSS VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Clansys <= 1.1 PHP Code Insertion Vulnerability.PublishedFix it
2006-05-02MSIE mshtml.dll OBJECT tag vulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Firefox Remote Code Execution and DoS it
2006-05-02Directory traversal vulnerability in SolarWinds TFTP Server for WindowsPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Neon Responder Dos,ExploitPublishedFix it
2006-05-02CuteNews 1.4.1 <= Cross Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Tiny PHP forum - vulnsPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Camino Browser HTML Parsing Null Pointer Dereference Denial of Service VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-05-02DbbS<=2.0-alpha Multiple VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2006-05-02PhpBB template file code executionPublishedFix it
2006-05-02RevoBoard [email] tag XSSPublishedFix it
2006-05-02BetaBoard Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Xss In ar-blog v 5.2PublishedFix it
2006-05-02TalentSoft Web+Shop Path DisclosurePublishedFix it
2006-05-02PhpFaber TopSites Script Cross-Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Symantec Scan Engine Multiple VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2006-05-02Symantec Scan Engine File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-04-22New xzgv packages fix arbitrary code executionPublishedFix it
2006-04-22Simplog <= 0.93 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities.PublishedFix it
2006-04-22CoreNews <= 2.0.1 Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities.PublishedFix it
2006-04-22MWNewsletter SQL Injection and XSS VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2006-04-22Bloggage Remote SQL InjectionPublishedFix it
2006-04-22Directory traversal in [email protected] and ARIPublishedFix it
2006-04-22HP Tru64 UNIX Running DNS BIND4/BIND8 as Forwarders: Remote Unauthorized Privileged AccessPublishedFix it
2006-04-22ASPSitem <= 1.83 Remote SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-04-22HP-UX running Sendmail, Remote Execution of Arbitrary CodePublishedFix it
2006-04-22ActualAnalyzer - Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-04-22N.T. Version 1.1.0 XSS and PHP Code Insertion VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2006-04-22ContentBoxx Login.php Cross-Site ScriptingPublishedFix it
2006-04-22Libapreq2: Denial of Service vulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2006-04-22New bsdgames packages fix local privilege escalationPublishedFix it

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