Listing of latest Exploits

This is live excerpt from our database.

Date Name Status Solution
2005-11-16Clam Antivirus Remote Code ExecutionPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Apple QuickTime Player Remote Denial Of ServicePublishedFix it
2005-11-16Apple QuickTime PICT Remote Memory OverwritePublishedFix it
2005-11-16Remotely DoSing JBoss 4.0.2 with serialized java objectsPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Cisco Airespace Wireless LAN Controllers Allow Unencrypted Network AccessPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Simple PHP Blog: Multiple XSS VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Cisco IPS MC Malformed Configuration Download VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Elite Forum XSS VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-11-16PHP register_globals Activation Vulnerability in parse_strPublishedFix it
2005-11-16PHP Cross Site Scripting XSS Vulnerability in phpinfoPublishedFix it
2005-11-16PHP File-Upload $GLOBALS Overwrite VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-11-16Vulnerability in MG2 php based Image Gallery - bypass security, view password protected imagesPublishedFix it
2005-10-29GNUMP3d Discloses Files on the Target System to Remote Users and Permits Cross-Site Scripting AttackPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Multiple vulnerabilities within RockLiffe MailSite Express WebMailPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Multiple Vendor chmlib CHM File Handling Buffer Overflow VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Novell ZENworks Patch Management Server - SQL injectionPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Update for the magic byte bugPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Mantis t_core_path File Inclusion VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Techno Dreams Scripts VulnerabilitiesPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Woltlab Burning Board info_db.php multiple SQL injectionPublishedFix it
2005-10-29SparkleBlog Journal.php HTML Injection Vulnerability =>v2.1 all versions vulnerablePublishedFix it
2005-10-29SEC-Consult SA 20051025-0 :: Snoopy Remote Code Execution VulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-10-29SEC-Consult SA 20051025-1 :: RSA ACE Web Agent XSSPublishedFix it
2005-10-29Multiple Vendor Anti-Virus Software Detection Evasion Vulnerability throughPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Symantec Discovery Web Accounts Null PasswordPublishedFix it
2005-10-28DCP - portal XSS & SQL attacksPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Remote File Inclusion in forum PunBBPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Possible Bug in PHP-Fusion 6.0.204PublishedFix it
2005-10-28PhpBB 2.0.17 and other BB systems as well Cookie disclosure exploitPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Nuked klan 1.7: XSS vulnerabilityPublishedFix it
2005-10-28ZipGenius Multiple Archive Handling BufferOverflowPublishedFix it
2005-10-28UnixWare 7.1.4 UnixWare 7.1.3 : ppp buffer overflowPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Symantec Norton AntiVirus LiveUpdate Local Privilege EscalationPublishedFix it
2005-10-28Cisco 11500 Content Services Switch SSL Malformed Client Certificate VulnerabilityPublishedFix it

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