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Edit Date Name Status
2020-05-29UinfoTechnology Pvt Ltd Gentelella Alela Colorlib Improper AuthenticationPublished
2020-05-29Mildtrix Business Solutions Pvt Ltd 2.3.12 Improper AuthenticationPublished
2020-05-28NOKIA VitalSuite SPM 2020 SQL InjectionPublished
2020-05-28Online Marriage Registration System 1.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-05-28Kuicms PHP EE 2.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-05-28Taiwanese Travel Websites Local File InclusionPublished
2020-05-28Victor CMS 1.0 comment_author Persistent Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2020-05-28Bagwar Softwares Pvt Ltd Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-28Saloni Info Tech Accocca Constructions Pvt Ltd Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-28Ayan Advisory Private Limited Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-28Teak Squash Design and Solutions Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-28Gharuda Infotech Pvt Ltd Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-27Upturn Smart Online Exam System Mayuri Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-27School Sports Promotion Foundation Sspf India Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-27Gangotri Group Shubham Srivastava Authentication BypassPublished
2020-05-27BIND TSIG Denial of ServicePublished
2020-05-27Chamilo 2020 Campus v1 ElFinder Backdoor Access Shell Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2020-05-27Nike.com - Insecure Direct Object Reference IDORPublished
2020-05-27OXID eShop 6.3.4 sorting SQL InjectionPublished
2020-05-26Spiderman2 Game - Buffer OverflowPublished
2020-05-26Websites of Iranian travel agencies By Aryan chehreghaniPublished
2020-05-25Wordpress Plugin Form Maker 5.4.1 s SQL Injection AuthenticatedPublished
2020-05-25Dassinfotech CMS SQL Injection Bypass Admin VulnerabilityPublished
2020-05-24Photobucket Library Slideshow - Remote File InclusionPublished
2020-05-24Druva inSync Windows Client 6.6.3 Local Privilege EscalationPublished

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