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Edit Date Name Status
2019-09-10Facebook Messenger Denial Of ServicePublished
2019-09-10Website Designed & Maintained by WEBINFINITY SQLiPublished
2019-09-10Department of Physical Chemistry Universitat de Barcelona XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-09-10Detroit Public Televisions American Black Journal Michigan State University XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-09-10Columbia University Biology Laboratory Adoption of Orphan Metabolic Activities XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2019-09-10Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost LLP SQLiPublished
2019-09-10Alkacon OpenCMS 10.5.x Local File inclusionPublished
2019-09-09Reality Estate Multipurpose WordPress Theme Persistent XSSPublished
2019-09-09Selio - Real Estate Directory SQL Injection & Persistent XSSPublished
2019-09-09NtFileSins v2.1 / Windows NTFS Privileged File Access Enumeration ToolPublished
2019-09-08Pulse Secure Post-Auth Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2019-09-08October CMS Upload Protection Bypass Code ExecutionPublished
2019-09-08Microsoft Windows 10 UAC Protection Bypass Via Windows StorePublished
2019-09-08WordPress Plugin UserPro 4.9.32 Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-08WordPress 5.2.3 Remote Cross Site Host ModificationPublished
2019-09-08Nexos - Real Estate WordPress Theme SQL Injection & Persistent XSSPublished
2019-09-08Design by Yuvantra pvt ltd bypass admin panel and upload shellPublished
2019-09-08NtFileSins / Windows NTFS Privileged File Access Enumeration ToolPublished
2019-09-06Microsoft Windows NTFS Privileged File Access EnumerationPublished
2019-09-06AwindInc SNMP Service Command Injection MetasploitPublished
2019-09-06Wordpress Plugin Event Tickets CSV InjectionPublished
2019-09-06WordPress API Bearer Auth 20181229 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-06WordPress Ecpay Logistics For WooCommerce 1.2.181030 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-06Windows 10 UAC Protection Bypass Via Windows Store WSReset.exe And RegistryPublished
2019-09-06Parvaz homay admin panel bypassPublished
2019-09-05DASAN Zhone ZNID GPON 2426A EU Multiple Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-05WordPress Spryng Payments WooCommerce 1.6.7 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-05AwindInc SNMP Service Command InjectionPublished
2019-09-05WordPress Portrait-Archiv.com Photostore 5.0.4 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-09-05Totaljs CMS 12.0 Insecure Admin Session CookiePublished

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