Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Date Name Status
2024-02-01Glibc syslog Heap-Based Buffer OverflowPublished
2024-02-01ComSndFTP Server Remote Format String - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-02-01Mirth Connect 4.4.0 Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2024-02-01Apache Tomcat 8.5.63 / 9.0.43 HTTP Response SmugglingPublished
2024-01-30Xitami 2.5b4 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-30HostCarts Digital - Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-30Thomson Reuters labs Developers - local file inclusionPublished
2024-01-30Httpdx 1.5.1 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-30WS_FTP Server 5.0.5 Denial Of ServicePublished
2024-01-29Jenkins 2.441 / LTS 2.426.3 Arbitrary File ReadPublished
2024-01-29Cacti 1.2.24 Authenticated command injection when using SNMP optionsPublished
2024-01-29Chrome 121 Javascript Fork Malloc BombPublished
2024-01-29Erpnext 'cmd' Reflected Cross site scripting XSSPublished
2024-01-28Gsonline - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-28Dynamisers CMS v1.0 Bypass VulnerabilityPublished
2024-01-28PSOProxy 0.91 - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-28Solar FTP Server 2.1.2 - PASV - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-28Seattle Lab Mail SLmail 5.5 - Denial of Service - DoSPublished
2024-01-27CloudLinux CageFS 7.1.1-1 Token DisclosurePublished
2024-01-27Vinchin Backup And Recovery 7.2 Default MySQL CredentialsPublished
2024-01-27NEETAI TECH - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-27Savant 3.0 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-27Developed By Next Come To Us - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-27Yahweh Touch - Blind Sql InjectionPublished
2024-01-26YahooPOPs 1.6 - SMTP - Denial of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-26CloudLinux CageFS 7.0.8-2 Insufficiently Restricted Proxy CommandPublished
2024-01-26Vinchin Backup And Recovery 7.2 setNetworkCardInfo Command InjectionPublished
2024-01-25MiniWeb HTTP Server 0.8.19 - Denied of Service DoSPublished
2024-01-25GL.iNet Unauthenticated Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2024-01-25Gabriels FTP Server 1.2 - Denial of ServicePublished
2024-01-22Firefox 121 / Chrome 120 Denial Of ServicePublished
2024-01-22Lepton CMS 7.0.0 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2024-01-22XbtitFM 4.1.18 SQL Injection / Shell Upload / TraversalPublished

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