Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2020-04-22Xinfire DVD Player Buffer OverflowPublished
2020-04-22Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.8.01090 Privilege EscalationPublished
2020-04-22NSClient++ Authenticated Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-04-22Catch Breadcrumb v1.5.4 WordPress plugin - Unauthenticated Reflected XSSPublished
2020-04-22Edimax EW-7438RPn Information DisclosurePublished
2020-04-22Edimax EW-7438RPn Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2020-04-20OnlineShop Cms Sql & Admin BypassPublished
2020-04-20Web Designed by MaxPower SQL InjectionPublished
2020-04-20LifeRay File Upload CKEditor VulnerablePublished
2020-04-20Webdizajn Glirp.Sk System Glirp XSS SQL InjectionPublished
2020-04-19Windu 3.1 => SQL Inj & RCEPublished
2020-04-19Prestashop XSS / CSRF / Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-04-19TAO Open Source Assessment Platform 3.3.0 RC02 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-04-19Coins Clone - PHP Script SQL InjectionPublished
2020-04-19SMACom 1.2.0 Insecure Transit / Password DisclosurePublished
2020-04-18Common Desktop Environment 1.6 Local Privilege EscalationPublished
2020-04-18Swift File Transfer Mobile Cross Site Scripting / Information DisclosurePublished
2020-04-18WordPress Weekender Newspaper Themes 9.0 Open RedirectionPublished
2020-04-18Common Desktop Environment 2.3.1 / 1.6 libDtSvc Buffer OverflowPublished
2020-04-18Oracle Solaris 11.x / 10 whodo / w Buffer OverflowPublished
2020-04-18Cisco IP Phone 11.7 Denial Of ServicePublished
2020-04-18Filemanager-master plugin File Upload CKEditor VulnerablePublished
2020-04-18Nexus Repository Manager 3.21.1-01 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-04-18Metasploit Libnotify Arbitrary Command ExecutionPublished
2020-04-18Unraid 6.8.0 Authentication Bypass / Arbitrary Code ExecutionPublished
2020-04-18Playable 9.18 Script Insertion / Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2020-04-18Apache Solr Remote Code Execution via Velocity Template MetasploitPublished
2020-04-18Google Chrome display locking fuzzingPublished
2020-04-16DedeCMS 7.5 SP2 Persistent Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-04-16SuperBackup 2.0.5 for iOS Persistent Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2020-04-16Bundeswehr Karriere Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-04-16AbsoluteTelnet 11.12 SSH1/username Denial of Service PoCPublished
2020-04-16CA API Developer Portal 4.2.x / 4.3.1 Access Bypass / Privilege EscalationPublished
2020-04-16Liferay Portal Java Unmarshalling Remote Code ExecutionPublished

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