Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2006-07-13NetSoft SmartNet 2.0 Cross-Site Scripting VulnerabilityPublished
2006-07-13RahnemaCo page.php Remote File Inclusion[2]Published
2006-07-13OpenGuestbook Cross Site Scripting & SQL InjectionPublished
2006-07-13Jaws <= 0.6.2 'Search gadget' SQL injectionPublished
2006-07-13Smartsite cms v1.0 Remote File includePublished
2006-07-13Galleria <= 1.0 Remote File Inclusion VulnerabilityPublished
2006-07-13Glossaire<<--v1.7 Remote File IncludePublished
2006-07-13BLOG:CMS <= 4.0.0k sql injectionPublished
2006-07-135 php scripts remote database password disclosurePublished
2006-07-13Hobbit monitor: Security issue with Hobbit 4.2-beta clientPublished
2006-07-12Somechess v1.5 rc1 - XSSPublished
2006-07-12Trend Micro Control Manager TMCM Persistent XSS VulnerabilityPublished
2006-06-29Cisco Secure ACS Weak Session Management VulnerabilityPublished
2006-06-29Namo DeepSearch 4.5 Cross-Site Scripting VulnerabilityPublished
2006-06-29VBulletin<<--v3.5.X member.php Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2006-06-29WBB<<---v2.0 RC2 newthread.php SQL InjectionPublished
2006-06-29WBB<<---v1.2 showmods.php SQL InjectionPublished
2006-06-29Buffer Overflow in Algorithmic Researchs PrivateWire Online Registration FacilityPublished
2006-06-29VBZooM <<--V1.00 lng.php SQL injectionPublished
2006-06-29VBZooM <<--V1.11 message.php SQL injectionPublished
2006-06-29MyBB1.1.3~Option update for code buttons~Sql Injection Admin AccessPublished
2006-06-29Calendar Provided by Codewalkers - SQL InjectionPublished
2006-06-29JEdit ActiveX Control Information Disclosure vulnerabilityPublished
2006-06-29Wbb<<--v 2.1.6 profile.php SQL injectionPublished
2006-06-29Wbb<<--v 2.2.2 thread.php SQL injectionPublished
2006-06-29Wbb<<--v 2.2.1 studienplatztausch.php SQL injectionPublished
2006-06-29WeBBoA Hosting Script SQL InjectionPublished
2006-06-29ULtimate PHP Board <= 1.96 GOLD Code Execution exploit codePublished

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