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Edit Date Name Status
2018-10-22AOL File Inclusion / Cross Site ScrIptingPublished
2015-02-17AOL Search Reflected File DownloadPublished
2013-07-07AOL Instant Messenger Jul 2013 ExploitPublished
2012-08-07AOL Products downloadUpdater2 Plugin Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2010-01-22AOL 9.5 ActiveX Heap Overflow VulnerabilityPublished
2010-01-22Nginx, Varnish, Cherokee, thttpd, mini-httpd, WEBrick, Orion, AOLserver, Yaws and Boa log escape seqPublished
2010-01-14Nginx, Varnish, Cherokee, thttpd, mini-httpd, WEBrick, Orion, AOLserver log escape sequence injectioPublished
2009-10-14AOL 9.1 SuperBuddy ActiveX Control SetSuperBuddy remote code execution exploitPublished
2009-10-04AOL version 9.1 SuperBuddy Active-X control SetSuperBuddy remote code executionPublished
2009-09-29PaoLiber 1.1 login_ok Authentication Bypass VulnerabilityPublished
2009-08-05PaoLink 1.0 login_ok Authentication Bypass VulnerabilityPublished
2008-07-16Critical Aol Insta Chats Bug!Published
2007-04-13AOL Nullsoft Winamp LIBSNDFILE.DLL Remote Memory Corruption Off By ZeroPublished
2007-04-13AOL Nullsoft Winamp IT Module IN_MOD.DLL Remote Heap Memory CorruptionPublished
2006-09-13AOL ICQ Pro 2003b heap overflow vulnerabilityPublished
2006-08-25AOL Insecure Default Directory PermissionsPublished

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