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Date Name Status
2019-02-11Adobe Flash Player DeleteRangeTimelineOperation Type ConfusionPublished
2016-10-13Adobe Flash Player - '.SWF' ConstantPool Critical Memory CorruptionPublished
2016-07-14Adobe Flash Player fpb.tmp Privilege EscalationPublished
2016-06-18Adobe Flash Player DLL HijackingPublished
2015-07-08Adobe Flash Player ByteArray Use After FreePublished
2015-07-06Adobe Flash Player Nellymoser Audio Decoding Buffer OverflowPublished
2015-06-27Adobe Flash Player Drawing Fill Shader Memory CorruptionPublished
2015-06-20Adobe Flash Player ShaderJob Buffer OverflowPublished
2015-05-09Adobe Flash Player domainMemory ByteArray Use After FreePublished
2015-05-07Adobe Flash Player NetConnection Type ConfusionPublished
2015-05-01Adobe Flash Player UncompressViaZlibVariant Uninitialized MemoryPublished
2015-04-20Adobe Flash Player copyPixelsToByteArray Integer OverflowPublished
2015-04-11Adobe Flash Player casi32 Integer OverflowPublished
2015-04-01Adobe Flash Player ByteArray With Workers Use After FreePublished
2015-03-18Adobe Flash Player PCRE Regex Logic ErrorPublished
2015-03-12Adobe Flash Player ByteArray UncompressViaZlibVariant Use After FreePublished
2014-05-09Adobe Flash Player Shader Buffer OverflowPublished
2014-05-06Adobe Flash Player Integer Underflow Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2014-04-29Adobe Flash Player Type Confusion Remote Code Execution ExploitPublished
2014-04-19Adobe Flash Player Regular Expression Heap OverflowPublished
2013-04-20Adobe Flash Player Code ExecutionPublished
2012-12-17Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135 memory corruptionPublished
2012-09-21Adobe Flash Player Matrix3D Integer Overflow Code ExecutionPublished
2012-08-21Adobe Flash Player 11.3 Font Parsing Code ExecutionPublished
2012-06-25Adobe Flash Player AVM Verification Logic Array Indexing Code ExecutionPublished
2012-04-21Adobe Flash Player ActionScript Launch Command ExecutionPublished
2012-04-15Adobe Flash Player NetStream addBytes Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2012-03-09Adobe Flash Player .mp4 cprt OverflowPublished
2012-02-04Adobe Flash Player MP4 SequenceParameterSetNALUnit Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2011-04-20Adobe Flash Player < 10.1.53 .64 Action Script Type Confusion Exploit DEP+ASLR bypassPublished
2011-04-20Adobe Flash Player SWF Memory Corruption VulnerabilityPublished
2011-03-28Adobe Flash Player AVM Bytecode VerificationPublished
2009-12-18Adobe Flash Player JPEG Parsing Heap Overflow VulnerabilityPublished
2009-12-18Adobe Flash Player ActionScript Exception Handler Integer Overflow VulnerabilityPublished
2009-08-13Adobe Flash Player AVM2 abcFile integer overflowPublished
2008-10-07Adobe Flash Player plug-in null pointer dereference and browser crashPublished
2008-04-27Adobe Flash Player DeclareFunction2 Invalid Object Use VulnerabilityPublished
2007-08-14ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash Player socket handling allows port probingPublished

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