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Date Name Status
2018-05-04Adobe Reader PDF Client-Side Request InjectionPublished
2016-05-11Adobe Reader DC 15.010.20060 - Memory CorruptionPublished
2014-06-17Adobe Reader for Android addJavascriptInterface ExploitPublished
2014-04-15Adobe Reader For Android Javascript InsecurePublished
2013-12-17Adobe Reader ToolButton Use After FreePublished
2013-07-11Adobe Reader 11.0.03 Insecure Third Party ComponentsPublished
2013-07-09Adobe Reader X BMP/RLE Heap CorruptionPublished
2013-05-23AdobeCollabSync Buffer Overflow Adobe Reader X Sandbox BypassPublished
2013-01-30Adobe Reader XI Heap OverflowPublished
2012-11-21Adobe Reader 10.1.4 JP2KLib&CoolType WriteAV VulnerabilityPublished
2012-01-18Adobe Reader U3D Memory Corruption VulnerabilityPublished
2011-07-14Adobe Reader 5.1 XFDF Buffer Overflow Vulnerability SEHPublished
2011-07-14Adobe Reader X Atom Type Confusion Vulnerability ExploitPublished
2009-06-12Adobe Reader JBIG2 Text Region Segment Buffer OverflowPublished
2008-11-11Adobe Reader Javascript Printf Buffer OverflowPublished
2008-02-19Adobe Reader/Acrobat Remote PDF Print Silently VulnerabilityPublished

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