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Edit Date Name Status
2020-07-05Android o2 Business 1.2.0 Open RedirectPublished
2020-03-27Android Bluetooth Remote Denial Of ServicePublished
2020-01-15Android ashmem Readonly Bypasses via remap_file_pages and ASHMEM_UNPINPublished
2019-11-08Android Janus APK Signature bypassPublished
2019-09-26Samsung Mobile Android FotaAgent Arbitrary File CreationPublished
2019-09-26Samsung Mobile Android SamsungTTS Privilege EscalationPublished
2019-07-17Android 7 9 VideoPlayer ihevcd_parse_pps Out-of-Bounds WritePublished
2019-07-17Android 7 9 VideoPlayer ihevcd_parse_pps Out-of-Bounds WritePublished
2019-06-18Humanos - Complete web+Android app crowdfunding Solutions v1.0 WebShell UploadPublished
2018-11-13Android 5.0 Battery Information Broadcast Information DisclosurePublished
2018-11-02Google Cardboard Android / iOS Applications Information DisclosurePublished
2018-10-241Password Android < 7.0 - Denial Of ServicePublished
2018-06-06Android 6.0-8.1 Bluetooth Remote Code Execution PoCPublished
2018-05-15Android Webviews fileaccess attack vectorPublished
2018-04-25Datashahr Social network android application login bypassPublished
2018-04-11Shazam Android Unencrypted Third Party AnalyticsPublished
2018-03-26Information Leak & RCE on Multiple Google Android Vendors - < Motorola, Sony, OnePlus>Published
2018-03-24Android Bluetooth BNEP BNEP_SETUP_CONNECTION_REQUEST_MSG Out-Of-Bounds ReadPublished
2018-03-24Android Bluetooth BNEP bnep_data_ind Remote Heap DisclosurePublished
2018-03-16Android DRM Services Buffer OverflowPublished
2018-03-04Samsung Display Solutions Application For Android Content InjectionPublished
2017-11-28Android Gmail < Directory Traversal in Attachment DownloadPublished
2017-10-30Android Private Internet Access Denial Of ServicePublished
2017-05-20Google I/O 2017 Android Man-In-The-MiddlePublished
2017-05-11Apache Cordova Android 5.2.2 Information LeakPublished
2017-04-04Trend Micro Enterprise Mobile Security Android MITM SSL Certificate VulnerabilityPublished
2017-02-15Google Android Inter-process munmap in android.util.MemoryIntArrayPublished
2017-02-15Google Android android.util.MemoryIntArray Ashmem Race ConditionsPublished
2017-01-19Android fps sysfs Entry Buffer OverflowPublished
2017-01-19Android sec_ts Touchscreen Race ConditionPublished
2017-01-17Android ssp_batch_ioctl Out-Of-Bounds WritePublished
2017-01-09Brave Browser Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability iOS + Android Published
2017-01-06Android maxdsm Driver Kernel Information DisclosurePublished
2016-12-27Android get_user/put_user ExploitPublished
2016-12-04Android system_server Code Loading BypassPublished

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