Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Date Name Status
2024-02-01Apache Tomcat 8.5.63 / 9.0.43 HTTP Response SmugglingPublished
2023-02-06Apache Tomcat On Ubuntu Log Init Privilege EscalationPublished
2020-11-21Apache Tomcat AJP Ghostcat File Read/Inclusion MetasploitPublished
2020-02-28Apache Tomcat AJP Ghostcat File Read / InclusionPublished
2019-07-05Apache Tomcat CGIServlet enableCmdLineArguments Remote Code Execution MetasploitPublished
2017-10-11Apache Tomcat Upload Bypass / Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2017-10-05Apache Tomcat JSP Upload Bypass / Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2017-04-11Apache Tomcat 8.x / 9.x Refactoring Information DisclosurePublished
2017-04-06Apache Tomcat Directory/Path TraversalPublished
2017-04-04Apache Tomcat 6/7/8/9 - Information DisclosurePublished
2016-10-12Apache Tomcat JK ISAPI Connector 1.2.41 Buffer OverflowPublished
2016-02-23Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M1 Security Manager Persistence BypassPublished
2016-02-23Apache Tomcat 8.0.26 Limited Directory TraversalPublished
2016-02-23Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M1 Security Manager StatusManagerServlet BypassPublished
2016-02-23Apache Tomcat 9.0.0.M2 CSRF Token LeakPublished
2015-05-06Apache Tomcat Connection Swallow Denial Of ServicePublished
2014-09-11Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2014-06-02Apache Tomcat 8.0.3 denial of service by using a Content-Length 0Published
2014-05-30Apache Tomcat XML Parser Information DisclosurePublished
2014-05-30Apache Tomcat XSLT Information DisclosurePublished
2014-02-26Apache Tomcat Denial Of ServicePublished
2014-02-26Apache Tomcat Information Disclosure Via XXEPublished
2014-02-13Apache Commons FileUpload and Apache Tomcat DoS ExploitPublished
2014-02-06Apache Commons FileUpload and Apache Tomcat DoSPublished
2014-02-04Apache Tomcat Manager Code ExecutionPublished
2013-10-05Apache Tomcat/JBoss Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2013-05-11Apache Tomcat 7.0.29 / 6.0.36 Denial Of ServicePublished
2013-05-11Apache Tomcat 7.0.39 Request mix-up if AsyncListener method throws RuntimeExceptionPublished
2012-12-05Apache Tomcat CSRF Prevention Filter BypassPublished
2012-11-06Apache Tomcat 6.x / 7.x Denial Of ServicePublished
2012-11-06Apache Tomcat 5.x / 6.x / 7.x DIGEST Authentication WeaknessesPublished
2012-03-20Apache Tomcat Remote Exploit PUT request and Account ScannerPublished
2011-09-02Apache Tomcat Authentication bypass and information disclosurePublished

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