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2017-05-25Apple Safari 10.0.312602.4.8 / WebKit HTMLObjectElement::updateWidget Universal Cross-Site ScriptiPublished
2017-05-25Apple Safari 10.0.312602.4.8 Editor::Command::execute Universal Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2017-05-25Apple Safari 10.0.312602.4.8 WebCore::FrameView::scheduleRelayout Use-After-FreePublished
2017-04-26Apple Safari - Array concat Memory CorruptionPublished
2016-07-05Apple Safari for Mac OS X SVG local XXE PoCPublished
2015-10-05Apple Safari for OS X URI spoofingPublished
2015-08-28Apple Safari 5.1.7 Last Version For Win XSS Filter BypassPublished
2015-05-19Apple Safari Browser Vulnerable to URL Spoofing VulnerabilityPublished
2013-09-04Apple Safari Heap Buffer OverflowPublished
2011-10-30Apple Safari Webkit libxslt Arbitrary File CreationPublished
2010-03-28Apple Safari history search <= Code Execution Exploit PoCPublished
2009-09-24Apple Safari IPhone using tel: Remote Crash ExploitPublished
2009-06-23Apple Safari - Information disclosurePublished
2009-06-23Apple Safari - Null pointer dereferencePublished
2009-06-12Apple Safari Remote Memory Corruption VulnerabilityPublished
2009-03-05Apple Safari 4 Beta feeds: URI NULL Pointer Dereference Denial of Service VulnerabilityPublished
2009-02-27Apple Safari 4 Beta feeds: URI NULL Pointer Dereference DoSPublished
2008-04-28Apple Safari WebKit PCRE Handling Integer Overflow VulnerabilityPublished

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