Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Date Name Status
2018-02-28Asterisk chan_pjsip 15.2.0 SDP fmtp Denial of ServicePublished
2018-02-28Asterisk chan_pjsip 15.2.0 SUBSCRIBE Stack CorruptionPublished
2018-02-28Asterisk chan_pjsip 15.2.0 SDP Denial of ServicePublished
2018-02-28Asterisk chan_pjsip 15.2.0 INVITE Denial of ServicePublished
2018-02-08Asterisk 13.17.2 chan_skinny Remote Memory CorruptionPublished
2017-05-23Asterisk 14.4.0 PJSIP 2.6 Denial Of ServicePublished
2017-05-23Asterisk 14.4.0 Skinny Denial Of ServicePublished
2014-12-11Asterisk WebSocket Server Remote CrashPublished
2013-03-12Asteriskguru Queue Statistics Reflected XSSPublished
2013-01-03Asterisk Denial of Service Through Exploitation of DevicePublished
2013-01-03Asterisk crashes due to large stackallocations when using TCPPublished
2012-10-02Switchvox Asterisk 5.1.2 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2012-04-28Asterisk Manager User Unauthorized Shell AccessPublished
2012-04-28Asterisk SIP Channel Driver Remote CrashPublished
2012-04-28Asterisk Skinny Channel Driver Heap Buffer OverflowPublished
2011-12-27SIP Username Enumerator For AsteriskPublished
2010-04-07Digium asterisk Invalid parsing of ACL rulesPublished
2010-02-07T.38 asterisk Remote Crash VulnerabilityPublished
2008-07-28Asterisk IAX 'POKE' resource exhaustionPublished
2007-08-26Resource Exhaustion Vulnerability in Asterisk SIP channel driverPublished
2007-07-17AsteriDex Asterisk / Trixbox remote code executionPublished
2007-05-04XSS in freePBX 2.2.x portal's Asterisk Log toolPublished
2006-04-22Directory traversal in Asterisk@Home and ARIPublished

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