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Date Name Status
2022-12-05Drupal H5P Module 2.0.0 Zip Slip TraversalPublished
2022-03-29Drupal Avatar Upload 7.x-1.0-beta8 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2020-03-12New IMCE Dir Exploit for Hacking Drupal WebsitesPublished
2019-03-07Drupal RESTful Web Services unserialize Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2019-02-25Drupal REST Module Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2019-02-22Drupal Pubdlcnt 7.x-1.2 Open RedirectionPublished
2019-02-21Drupal Pubdlcnt Modules 7.x-1.2 Public Download Count Open RedirectionPublished
2019-01-01Drupal 7 CivicRM Modules 5.8.2 Database DisclosurePublished
2018-06-22Drupal 7 ItalianGov Fi.it Scrivi Al Comune Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-02Drupal PaisDigital ArgentinaGov Municipality ContactForm Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-05-22Drupal Exploiter on subdomains brute-forcing RCEPublished
2018-04-23Drupal Avatar Uploader 7.x-1.0-beta8 Arbitary File DownloadPublished
2018-04-14Drupal 0day Remote PHP Code Execution PerlPublished
2018-04-13Drupal 0day Remote PHP Code Execution PythonPublished
2018-04-13Drupal 0day Remote PHP Code Execution curlPublished
2018-04-13Drupal Drupalgeddon2 Remote Code Execution RubyPublished
2018-03-30Drupal 7.0 < 7.31 Drupalgeddon SQL Injection Admin SessionPublished
2017-06-08Drupal Public Download Count Module - Open RedirectPublished
2017-05-16Drupal comment-form Upload Dangerous FilePublished
2017-03-10Drupal 7.x Module Services Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2016-07-25Drupal CODER Module 2.5 - Remote Command ExecutionPublished
2016-07-21Drupal RESTWS Module 7.x - Remote PHP Code ExecutionPublished
2016-07-19Drupal 8.1.6 HTTP traffic to an arbitrary proxy serverPublished
2016-07-17Drupal Webform Multiple File Upload - Remote code executionPublished
2016-07-05Drupal 6.22 - menupereid SQL injection VulnerabilityPublished
2016-02-21Drupal 8.0.x-dev Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2016-01-07Drupal Insecure Update Process MiTMPublished
2015-10-11Drupal 8.0.0 Beta 14 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2014-11-04Drupal < 7.32 Pre Auth SQL Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2014-10-18Drupal HTTP Parameter Key/Value SQL InjectionPublished
2014-10-16Drupal 7.x SQL Injection ExploitPublished
2014-10-16Drupal 7.31 CORE pre Auth SQL Injection Vulnerability *youtubePublished
2014-08-11WordPress 3.9 and Drupal 7.x Denial Of Service Vulnerability *videoPublished
2014-05-11Drupal Flag 7.x-3.5 Command ExecutionPublished
2014-04-03Drupal 7.26 Custom Search 7.x-1.13 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2014-03-13Drupal Webform Template 7.x Access BypassPublished
2014-03-13Drupal SexyBookmarks 6.x Information DisclosurePublished
2014-03-06Drupal NewsFlash 6.x / 7.x Cross Site ScriptingPublished

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