Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Date Name Status
2020-08-01FreeBSD ip6_setpktopt Use-After-Free Privilege EscalationPublished
2019-06-19Linux / FreeBSD TCP-Based Denial Of ServicePublished
2019-06-19Linux / FreeBSD TCP-Based Denial Of ServicePublished
2019-05-22FreeBSD rtld execl Privilege EscalationPublished
2019-03-07FreeBSD Intel SYSRET Privilege EscalationPublished
2018-03-01FreeBSD 10.2 x64 sendmsg Kernel Heap Overflow PoCPublished
2018-03-01FreeBSD 10.2 < 10.3 x64 SETFKEY PoCPublished
2017-06-29FreeBSD 'FGPU' Stack Clash Proof of ConceptPublished
2017-06-29FreeBSD 'setrlimit' Stack Clash Proof of ConceptPublished
2017-06-29FreeBSD 'FGPE' Stack Clash Proof of ConceptPublished
2016-12-07FreeBSD/Apple libc link_ntoa buffer overflowPublished
2016-03-17FreeBSD Kernel amd64_set_ldt Heap OverflowPublished
2016-01-25FreeBSD SCTP ICMPv6 Denial Of ServicePublished
2015-01-28FreeBSD Kernel Crash / Code Execution / DisclosurePublished
2014-12-04Tnftp in MacOS X 10.10 & FreeBSD10 Remote Comand Execution ExploitPublished
2014-10-29MacOS X 10.10 & FreeBSD10 ftp Remote Comand ExecutionPublished
2013-11-18FreeBSD <= 10 kernel qlxge/qlxgbe Driver IOCTL Multiple Kernel Memory Leak BugsPublished
2013-11-18FreeBSD 10 <= nand Driver IOCTL Kernel Memory Leak BugPublished
2013-06-26FreeBSD 9 Address Space Manipulation Privilege Escalation metasploitPublished
2013-02-01FreeBSD 9.1 ftpd Remote Denial of ServicePublished
2013-02-01FreeBSD/GNU ftpd remote denial of service exploitPublished
2012-08-07FreeBSD kernel SCTP remote NULL pointer dereferencePublished
2012-01-17FreeBSD telnetd encrypt_key_id brute forcePublished
2012-01-02FreeBSD Telnet Service Encyption Key ID Buffer OverflowPublished
2011-03-12FreeBSD <= 6.4 Netgraph Local Privledge Escalation ExploitPublished
2010-09-13FreeBSD 8.1/7.3 vm.pmap kernel local race conditionPublished
2010-08-27Netbsd/freebsd Coda Filesystem Kernel Memory DisclosurePublished
2010-05-30Libopie __readrec off-by one FreeBSD ftpd remote PoCPublished
2010-03-16FreeBSD / OpenBSD ftpd NULL pointer dereference denial of servicePublished
2009-08-25FreeBSD <= 6.1 kqueue NULL pointer dereferencePublished
2009-04-01FreeBSD 7.0/7.1 ktimer Local Kernel Root ExploitPublished
2009-03-31FreeBSD/OS X kernel bug dumpPublished

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