Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Edit Date Name Status
2017-10-03Microsoft IIS UrlScan Module BypassPublished
2017-05-11Microsoft IIS WebDav ScStoragePathFromUrl OverflowPublished
2014-11-29Microsoft IIS 7.5 error message XSS 20 charsPublished
2012-07-23Microsoft IIS 7.5/6.0 Unpatched Authentication BypassPublished
2012-07-10Microsoft IIS 6, 7.5 FTP Server Remote Denial Of ServicePublished
2011-02-03Microsoft IIS 6 parsing directory VulnerabilityPublished
2010-09-28Microsoft IIS 6.0 WebDAV Auth. BypassPublished
2009-09-04Microsoft IIS 5.0/6.0 FTP Server Remote Stack Overflow Exploit win2kPublished
2009-05-26Microsoft IIS 6.0 WebDAV Remote Authentication Bypass ExploitPublished
2007-06-07Microsoft IIS5 NTLM and Basic authentication bypassPublished
2006-01-02Microsoft IIS Remote Denial of Service DoS .DLL Url exploitPublished

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