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Edit Date Name Status
2021-07-23Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Remote Code Execution 2Published
2021-06-19Microsoft SharePoint Unsafe Control And ViewState Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2021-06-11Microsoft SharePoint Server 16.0.10372.20060 Server-Side Request ForgeryPublished
2020-10-19Microsoft SharePoint SSI / ViewState Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-08-17Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2020-02-12Microsoft SharePoint Deserialization Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2018-01-07Microsoft SharePoint 'Limited Access' Permission BypassPublished
2013-09-11Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Cloud Persistent Exception Handling Web VulnerabilityPublished
2013-06-15Microsoft Sharepoint Cloud Persistent Script InsertionPublished
2011-09-20Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2010-04-30Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 cross site scriptingPublished
2010-03-09Microsoft SharePoint Portal Persistent XSSPublished

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