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Edit Date Name Status
2019-04-18Shadow-Fox PhP Uploader Script Cross Site Scripting VulnerabilityPublished
2019-04-17DigaSell - Digital store PHP Script V1.0.0 Blind Sql Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2019-04-16Tasked PHP Task Management Multiple Stored XSS InjectionPublished
2019-04-15PhpRechnung 1.6.6 - Multiple XSS InjectionPublished
2019-04-10YiiCMS JetBrains PHPStorm 6.0.3 Database DisclosurePublished
2019-04-09PHP 7.2 imagecolormatch Out of Band Heap WritePublished
2019-03-25Jettweb PHP Hazir Haber Sitesi Scripti 3 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-03-25Jettweb PHP Hazir Haber Sitesi Scripti 2 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-03-25Jettweb PHP Hazir Haber Sitesi Scripti 1 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-03-20Netartmedia PHP Mall 4.1 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-03-19PHP MySQLi Database Class 2.9.2 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-03-05Zzzphp CMS 1.6.1 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2019-03-04PHPMiniAdmin 1.9 Database Open No-Secure ExploitPublished
2019-02-19CMSsite 1.0 post.php SQL InjectionPublished
2019-02-15PhpMyVisites CNTNT Templates 2.4 SQL InjectionPublished
2019-02-15Invo PhalconPHP 1.x Database Configuration DisclosurePublished
2019-02-12ResourceSpace 8.6 watched_searches.php SQL InjectionPublished
2019-02-10Social Plus Mobile Friendly PHP Social Network v1.0.1 URL redirection VulnerabilityPublished
2019-02-01KALIMATAN GOVERNMENT Grafik.php - XSS VulnerabilityPublished
2019-01-31Discussion on Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform v1.18 XSS VulnerabilityPublished
2019-01-24Discussion on Kontackt - The Exclusive PHP Social Network Platform v1.18 Application error messagePublished
2019-01-13PHP Scripts Mall Citysearch / Hotfrog / Gelbeseiten Clone Script 2.0.1 Reflected XSSPublished
2019-01-11PEAR Archive_Tar PHP Object InjectionPublished
2019-01-08PhpMoAdmin 1.1.5 Cross Site Request Forgery / Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2019-01-03Social Plus Mobile Friendly PHP Social Network v1.0.1 XSS VulnerabilityPublished
2019-01-01KALIMATAN GOVERNMENT XSS Grafik.php VulnerabilityPublished
2018-12-29PHP Scripts Mall Entrepreneur B2B Script 3.0.6 Stored XSSPublished
2018-12-18Simple CMS PHPJabbers Stivasoft 4.0 Database Backup DisclosurePublished
2018-12-09PHP Auctions Script v1.0 xss VulnerabilityPublished
2018-12-04Digital Sell Marketplace PHP Script - Authentication BypassPublished
2018-12-04PHP Server Monitor 3.3.1 Cross Site Request ForgeryPublished
2018-11-29PHP imap_open Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2018-11-27PhpMyAdmin 4.8.1 Authenticated Local File InclusionPublished
2018-11-22Ebsite By PHP Development India SQL InjectionPublished
2018-11-21Ticketly 1.0 reports.php SQL InjectionPublished
2018-11-06PHP Proxy 3.0.3 Local File InclusionPublished

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