Exploits found on the INTERNET

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Date Name Status
2019-06-03CitraWeb Local File Inclusion to Remote Code Execution and get CpanelPublished
2019-01-06Zombi Bot V7 850+ Exploit,2000+ Shells, Hack Smtp,Cpanel,Root Server 2018Published
2018-08-14CPanel Filename Based Stored XSS < = v76Published
2018-02-03Virtues cpanel v 0.1 multi VulnerabilityPublished
2013-11-02CPanel WebHost Manager 3.1 dofeaturemanager feature Parameter XSSPublished
2012-12-28CPanel & WHM 11.34.0 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2011-04-29Cpanel X3 11.28.87 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2010-07-05Cpanel 11.25 cross site request forgeryPublished
2010-02-14Cpanel Image Manager Local File Include ExploitPublished
2010-02-07Cpanel of Comtrend ADSL Router - XSSPublished
2010-01-29CPanel and WHM 11.25 42174 HTTP response splitting attacksPublished
2009-09-04CPanel 11.x => List Directories and FoldersPublished
2009-07-11Cpanel fantastico Privilege Escalation ModSec and PHP restriction BypassPublished
2009-07-10Cpanel lastvisit.html domain Arbitrary File Disclosure Vuln authPublished
2009-03-22CPANEL File Manager XSS VulnerabilityPublished
2008-11-09Cpanel 11.x Local File Inclusion & Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2008-09-27Cpanel <= 11.x Fantastico LFI Vulnerability sec bypassPublished
2008-08-31Cpanel X File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2008-06-03Cpanel all version >> root access with a reseller account.Published
2008-05-15XSS and CSRF vulnerability on Cpanel 11Published
2008-02-05CPanel Hosting Manager dohtaccess.htmlPublished
2007-03-21Fantastico In all Version Cpanel 10.x <= local File IncludePublished
2006-12-19CPanel BoxTrapper Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2006-11-17CPanel Multiple Cross Site ScriptionPublished
2006-11-07WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0 R50 CentOS 4.4 i686 WHM X v3.1.0 Xss VulnerabilityPublished
2005-11-16CPanel Entropy Chat Script InsertionVulnerabilityPublished

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