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Edit Date Name Status
2018-06-23Developed by Rate it Services Business Solutions Mjas lapu izstrde FCKeditor Remote File Upload Published
2018-06-22Drupal 7 ItalianGov Fi.it Scrivi Al Comune Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-22PhpMyAdmin 4.8.1 Authenticated Local File InclusionPublished
2018-06-21WebArisi Hosting Htaccess File Admin Bypass ExploitPublished
2018-06-21WordPress DrcSystems EthicSolutions Jssor-Slider Library Plugin Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-20JulioFileManager - Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-06-18ShopNx - Angular5 Single Page Shopping Cart Application 1 - Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-06-17Designed by MAKS LB admin bypass Upload filePublished
2018-06-17Beporsam Script Remote file upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-16Live Zilla 7.x Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-14Redaxo CMS Mediapool Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-06-13WordPress Redirection 2.7.3 Remote File InclusionPublished
2018-06-11MicroMBA Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Baruque Casa Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Amirtham Sweets Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Makeupbarr Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Gardenoma Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Joomla com_rsfiles Local File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Wp-content themes clinell Local File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Wp-content themes ypo-theme Local File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-11Wp-content uploads sb-download.php Local File Disclosure VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-08WordPress Theme Sydney by aThemes 2018 GravityForms Input Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-06Joomla Component dj-imageslider 3.2.3-3.1.0 - Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-06-02Drupal PaisDigital ArgentinaGov Municipality ContactForm Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2018-05-31Appnitro MachForm SQL Injection / Traversal / File UploadPublished
2018-05-31NUUO NVRmini2 / NVRsolo Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-05-29Bank of Brasil PPI Scanner/ Cross-Domain JavaScript Source File Inclusion /Source Code DivulgationPublished
2018-05-24WordPress Plugin Peugeot Music Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-05-24LikeSoftware CMS - Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-05-24Chile Desarrollodo por FactoryWeb Aguasan Editor Filemanager VulnerabilityPublished
2018-05-23Dell EMC RecoverPoint boxmgmt CLI < 5.1.2 Arbitrary File ReadPublished
2018-05-23Easy File Uploader 1.7 SQL Injection / Cross-Site ScriptingPublished
2018-05-23WordPress Muller Design Studio DiyThemes Rich-Widget Editor Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-05-23WP-Plugins Peugeot Music Plugin Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2018-05-23Portugal Municipality Portal das Freguesias Editor Filemanager VulnerabilityPublished
2018-05-22Epic Games Fortnite 4.2-CL-4072250 Insecure File PermissionsPublished
2018-05-22Epic Games Launcher 7.9.4-4058369 Insecure File PermissionsPublished
2018-05-22Tik-Tak Israel webPro Codeclient CKFinder Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished

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