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Edit Date Name Status
2019-06-10Pendaftaran Kontributor Indonesian sites BUG File Upload Vulnerability + Add BeritaPublished
2019-06-06Supra Smart Cloud TV Remote File InclusionPublished
2019-06-06WordPress Satoshi 2.0 Cross Site Request Forgery / File UploadPublished
2019-06-03Www.dztabib.com File upload vunlerability Leads to webshell uploadPublished
2019-06-03CitraWeb Local File Inclusion to Remote Code Execution and get CpanelPublished
2019-05-29Deltek Maconomy 2.2.5 Local File InclusionPublished
2019-05-28Humhub 1.3.13 Unrestricted File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-05-27Joomla 3.9.6 Com_Attachments Components 3.x Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-24Axessh 4.2 Log file name Denial of Service PoCPublished
2019-05-23 Artonica Russia Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-21Netvidade Portugal Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-21MOGG Web Simulator File inclusion VulnerabilityPublished
2019-05-21Schwabe Slovakia WebDesign Studio Nandu Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-21Ctecia ComputerTechnologies Experts Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-21 Yarneo WebDesign Unauthorized File InsertionPublished
2019-05-16OwnDrive & File CMS v1.0 WebShell Upload & Stored XSS InjectionPublished
2019-05-13AlumniMagnet Unrestricted File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-05-12Wordpress Ninja Forms File Uploads Extension < = 3.0.22 Unauthenticated Arbitrary File UploPublished
2019-05-11WordPress Diarise 1.5.9 Local File DisclosurePublished
2019-05-11Gemalto DS3 Authentication Server / Ezio Server Command Injection / File DisclosurePublished
2019-05-10Fire Shop IRANIAN CMS SQL injection & Remote File UploadPublished
2019-05-06Design by WebDevelopersPune Arbitrary File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-05-05CMS Profile Application NSI SQL-Injection VulnerabilityPublished
2019-05-05Profile.me - Multiuser profile & resume script Stored XSS InjectionPublished
2019-05-03Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment ISE Filename Parsing Flaw Remote Code ExecutioPublished
2019-05-02Sentrifugo Human Resource Management System 3.2 File DisclosurePublished
2019-05-01Apache Archiva 2.2.3 File Write / DeletePublished
2019-04-29SGI IRIX 6.4.x Run-Time Linker Arbitrary File CreationPublished
2019-04-28JQuery-File-Upload 5.14 - CSRF Backdoor Access VulnerabilityPublished
2019-04-28Joomla Component JiFile 2.3.1 - Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2019-04-26OsTicket 1.11 Cross Site Scripting / Local File InclusionPublished
2019-04-23Joomla Core 1.5.0 3.9.4 Directory Traversal / Authenticated Arbitrary File DeletionPublished
2019-04-21Thailand Government CityVariety Corporation Error Based SQL Injection - Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2019-04-18Eerkan file upload script unvalidated file upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-04-17Joomla 3.9.4 Arbitrary File Deletion / Directory TraversalPublished
2019-04-17Emaar Real Estate Agency Directory System 5.7 Unrestricted File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2019-04-16Responsive FIlemanager - Target Soft BDPublished

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