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Edit Date Name Status
2023-03-27Owlfiles File Manager 12.0.1 Multiple VulnerabilitiesPublished
2023-03-22Adobe Connect 11.4.5 / 12.1.5 Local File DisclosurePublished
2023-03-15WordPress Profile Builder 3.9.0 Missing AuthorizationPublished
2023-03-01Oracle E-Business Suite EBS Unauthenticated Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2023-02-27Microsoft Windows Contact File / Remote Code Execution Resurrected CVE-2022-44666Published
2023-02-22Microsoft Windows Contact File Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2023-02-12Wordpress Multiple themes - Unauthenticated Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2023-02-06MacOS Dirty Cow Arbitrary File Write Local Privilege EscalationPublished
2023-02-01Vmwgfx Driver File Descriptor Handling Privilege EscalationPublished
2023-01-06SDM-Downloads 9.3.15 Privilege Escalation Arbritrary File UploadPublished
2023-01-06Wordpress Dsp Dating Csrf FIle UploadPublished
2022-11-21Roxy Fileman 1.4.6 Remote Shell UploadPublished
2022-11-02Webmin 1.984 File Manager Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2022-10-27Vagrant Synced Folder Vagrantfile BreakoutPublished
2022-10-23Email-Worm.Win32.Kipis.c / Remote File Write Code ExecutionPublished
2022-10-17WiFi File Transfer 1.0.8 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-09-28Backdoor.Win32.Augudor.b / Remote File Write Code ExecutionPublished
2022-09-28Active eCommerce CMS 6.3.0 Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2022-09-22KFM Kae's File Manager - ALL - Reflected Cross-Site Scripting XSSPublished
2022-09-20Owlfiles File Manager 12.0.1 Path Traversal / Local File InclusionPublished
2022-09-07FE File Explorer 11.0.4 Local File InclusionPublished
2022-09-07FTPManager 8.2 Local File Inclusion / Directory TraversalPublished
2022-09-07WordPress BackupBuddy Arbitrary File ReadPublished
2022-09-06Wifi HD Wireless Disk Drive 11 Local File InclusionPublished
2022-07-23Easy Phone Dbltek GoIP Local File nclusion VulnerabilityPublished
2022-07-15WordPress Kaswara Modern WPBakery Page Builder 3.0.1 File UploadPublished
2022-07-11Plumcloud Image Browser File UploadPublished
2022-07-09Exploit mktba 4.2 Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2022-07-06Designed By Sevy INC. - SQL Injection Vulnerability, Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability and DefaPublished
2022-06-28AnyDesk 7.0.9 Arbitrary File Write / Denial Of ServicePublished
2022-06-20SoftGuard SNMP Network Management Extension HTML Injection / File DownloadPublished
2022-06-05H3k / tiny File ManagerPublished
2022-05-11E107 CMS 3.2.1 Arbitrary File Upload / Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2022-04-17Siemens A8000 CP-8050/CP-8031 SICAM WEB Missing File Download / Missing AuthenticationPublished

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