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Edit Date Name Status
2021-04-11Monitoring System Dashboard 1.0 Remote File Upload RCE AuthenticatedPublished
2021-04-09Dolibarr ERP/CRM 11.0.4 - File Upload Restrictions Bypass Authenticated RCEPublished
2021-04-08Check Point Identity Agent Arbitrary File WritePublished
2021-04-05Rockstar Service Insecure File PermissionsPublished
2021-04-05Winpakpro 4.8 WPCommandFileService Unquoted Service PathPublished
2021-04-03Class.upload.php v.2.0.4 Remote File Upload VulnerabilityPublished
2021-04-01ScadaBR 1.0 Arbitrary File Upload AuthenticatedPublished
2021-03-29Novel Boutique House-plus 3.5.1 Arbitrary File DownloadPublished
2021-03-22WordPress Delightful Downloads Jquery File Tree 1.6.6 Path TraversalPublished
2021-03-18Microsoft Exchange 2019 SSRF / Arbitrary File WritePublished
2021-03-18Hestia Control Panel 1.3.2 Arbitrary File WritePublished
2021-03-09FortiLogger Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Upload MetasploitPublished
2021-03-08VMware vCenter Server File Upload / Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2021-03-04Backdoor.Win32.BO2K.ab / Local File Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-03-01VMware vCenter Server 7.0 Unauthenticated File UploadPublished
2021-02-28Parameters.yml Config Vulnerable FilePublished
2021-02-26Simple Employee Records System 1.0 File Upload RCE UnauthenticatedPublished
2021-02-25Trojan.Win32.Gofot.htx / Local File Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-02-24WordPress Plugin SuperForms 4.9 - Arbitrary File Upload to Remote CodePublished
2021-02-24HFS HTTP File Server 2.3.x Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2021-02-22Orart Remote File Inculsion Vulnerability [ RFI ]Published
2021-02-12DNNSmart_SuperContent Arbitrary File Upload csrfPublished
2021-02-12Backdoor.Win32.Augudor.a / Unauthenticated Remote File Write Code ExecutionPublished
2021-02-09Discord Probot Arbitrary File UploadPublished
2021-02-08YetiShare File Hosting Script 5.1.0 Server-Side Request ForgeryPublished
2021-01-31PEAR Archive_Tar Arbitrary File WritePublished
2021-01-28WordPress Plugin SuperForms 4.9 Arbitrary File Upload to Remote Code ExecutionPublished
2021-01-22Simple JobBoard Authenticated File ReadPublished
2021-01-19Inteno IOPSYS 3.16.4 Root Filesystem AccessPublished
2021-01-17Aplikasi Kartu Pelajar Vulnerability arbitrary file upload with CSRFindonesian schoolPublished
2021-01-16Adobe connect 10 Local File Disclosure / DownloadPublished
2021-01-16Backdoor.Win32.Nucleroot.bi - MaskPE 2.0 / File Based Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-01-16Backdoor.Win32.Nucleroot.t - MaskPE 1.6 / File Based Buffer OverflowPublished
2021-01-14FlatCore CMS XSS / File Disclosure / SQL InjectionPublished
2021-01-14Apache Flink 1.11.0 Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Read MetasploitPublished

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