Exploits found on the INTERNET

This is live excerpt from our database. Available also using API

Edit Date Name Status
2017-08-05PhpBB 3.2.0 Server Side Request ForgeryPublished
2017-05-30PhpBB Minerva Mod 2.0.21 build 238a - SQL InjectionPublished
2016-03-31PhpBB 3.1.x mod External Links => XSSPublished
2015-05-12PhpBB 3.0.13 Open Redirect under chromePublished
2015-02-01PhpBB 3.0.12 CSRF ucp_pm_optionsPublished
2015-02-01PhpBB 3.0.12 CSS Injection via Relative Path Overwrite PATH_INFOPublished
2011-09-01PhpBB2 Custom Mass PM 1.4.7 Cross Site ScriptingPublished
2010-03-22PhpBB2 Plus 1.53 SQL injection vulnerabilityPublished
2009-09-11PhpBB3 addon prime_quick_style GetAdmin VulnerabilityPublished
2009-03-08Multi SEO phpBB 1.1.0 pfad Remote File Inclusion VulnerabilityPublished
2009-03-03PhpBB 3 Mod Tag Board <= 4 Remote Blind SQL Injection ExploitPublished
2009-03-03PhpBB Mod Small ShoutBox 1.4 Remote Edit/Delete Messages VulnPublished
2009-02-22PNphpBB2 <= 1.2i ModName Multiple Local File Inclusion ExploitPublished
2008-03-26Fully Modded phpBB k SQLPublished
2008-03-11123 Flash Chat Module for phpBBPublished
2008-02-05PhpBB 2.0.22 Remote PM Delete XSRF VulnerabilityPublished
2007-09-27PhpBB Xs 2 profile.php Permanent Xss VulnerabilityPublished
2007-06-07SQL-Injection in IP-TRACKING Mod for phpBB2.0.xPublished
2007-05-02Extreme PHPBB2 Remote File InclusionPublished
2007-03-31PhpBB Module Dimension Remote File IncludePublished
2007-03-31PhpBB Add Name Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2007-03-09Phpbb insert mod Remote file includePublished
2007-03-06PhpBB Security <= 1.0.1 Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2007-03-06Advanced Guestbook 2.4 for phpBB - Multiple XSS and SQL-Injection VulnerabilitiesPublished
2007-01-05PhpbbXtra v2.0 phpbb_root_path Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2006-10-25SpamOborona PHPBB Plugin Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2006-10-25PhpBB PlusXL 2.x <= biuld 272 Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2006-10-25PhpBB Prillian French Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished
2006-10-25PhpBB lat2cyr <= 1.0.1 Remote File Include VulnerabilityPublished

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