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We have collaborated with numerous Vulnerability Intelligence service providers and Consultants to develop this ultimate exploit and vulnerability intelligence platform.

You can find out more about our Company and our contact details at our Company's website or LinkedIn.

Founder / Creator
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Marcin Kozlowski

Nickname: marcinguy
Country: Global. Published Security Expert and Researcher. Vulnerabilites and exploit collector.
Social: LinkedIn X

Vulnerability Intelligence Teams

Team TCO

Exploit Analysts
GeneralEG author image

General EG

Nickname: General EG
Country: Egypt. I love: hacking, programming, exploiting, designing, blogging. Whitehacker and security researcher and Exploit Analyst. My tools: my mind, my PC, Dj Snake Songs that's just all what I need.
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Nickname: Saferkey
Currently digging into some far corner of the web. Tools: Python and anything I can wrap together into a database. Information is power, and I'm really starting to hate sleep.
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Nickname: Hzllaga
Author image

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We are continuously looking for a motivated and engaged Exploit Analyst (m/f/d) to join our team. Your responsibilities will be to daily receive exploit submissions and to review exploits in the Internet.

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