LightCMS 1.3.4 exclusive Stored XSS

CVE Category Price Severity
CVE-2021-3355 CWE-79 $5000 High
Author Risk Exploitation Type Date
Unknown High Remote 2021-03-06
Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

LightCMS 1.3.4 exclusive Stored XSS
# Exploit Title: LightCMS 1.3.4 - 'exclusive' Stored XSS
# Date: 25/02/2021
# Exploit Author: Peithon
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 1.3.4
# Tested on: latest version of Chrome, Firefox on Windows and Linux
# CVE: CVE-2021-3355

An issue was discovered in LightCMS v1.3.4.( There is a stored-self XSS, allowing an attacker to execute HTML or JavaScript code in a vulnerable Title field to /admin/SensitiveWords.

--------------------------Proof of Concept-----------------------

1. Log in to the background.

2. Navigate to System -> `/admin/SensitiveWords/create` & add the below-shared payload as the exclusive field value. Payload - </span><img src=1 onerror=alert(1) /><span>

3. Visit page `/admin/SensitiveWords`, the payload will be triggered.

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