OpenSIS 8.0 Directory Traversal

CVE Category Price Severity
CVE-2019-12072 CWE-22 $500 Critical
Author Risk Exploitation Type Date
Unknown High Remote 2021-09-04
CVSS:4.0/AV:L/AC:L/AT:P/PR:L/UI:N/VC:H/VI:H/VA:H/SC:N/SI:N/SA:N 0.0282655 0.994976

CVSS vector description

Our sensors found this exploit at:

Below is a copy:

OpenSIS 8.0 Directory Traversal
# Exploit Title: OpenSIS 8.0 'modname' - Directory/Path Traversal
# Date: 09-02-2021
# Exploit Author: Eric Salario
# Vendor Homepage:
# Software Link:
# Version: 8.0
# Tested on: Windows, Linux

The 'modname' parameter in the 'Modules.php' is vulnerable to local file inclusion vulnerability. This vulnerability can be exploited to expose sensitive information from arbitrary files in the underlying system.

To exploit the vulnerability, someone must login as the "Parent" user, navigate to http://localhost/Modules.php?modname=miscellaneous%2fPortal.php. The 'modname' parameter and requests the Portal.php's contents. By going back a few directory using '..%2f' decoded as '../' it was possible to disclose arbitrary file from the server's filesystem as long as the application has access to the file.

1. Login as "Parent"

2. Open a web proxy such as BurpSuite and capture the requests

3. Navigate to http://localhost/Modules.php?modname=miscellaneous%2fPortal.php..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2f..%2fetc%2fpasswd&failed_login=

4. Check the response


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